IO4. Course for beneficiaries (led by GIP-FCIP)

The trainers involved in the project, once trained, designed a course for adult learner at risk of exclusion using the drama techniques. Trainers who participated in the 5-days course on drama techniques in Porto were obliged to integrate some elements of drama to their regular training activities. Their proposals were collated in a common course for beneficiaries jointly developed by trainers from all participating countries. It is a comprehensive publication including ready to use scenarios of trainings grouped in 5 separate courses. Each one has detailed instructions for trainers such as: overview, suggested target group, objectives, duration, learning outcomes and finally exercises grouped within an annex with detailed descriptions. Apart from drama-based activities we present exercises implemented on regular basis by partner organisations within their chosen programmes. Course for beneficiaries is available to download in 5 languages (Polish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian) from ACTING UP website