IO2. Trainers’ training on drama techniques (led by SPI)

IO2 was led by SPI but each partner contributed equally under SPI supervision. Each partner assigned one lead trainer – an expert on drama. Team of drama experts was established to develop the content. They decided on the main themes to cover and the methodology to apply. Apart from Skype meetings all lead-trainers had an occasion to meet in person during second international meeting in Italy, when they developed final shape of the training in Portugal. Content was developed based on grid prepared by SPI.

We designed Course curriculum and materials of drama training for teachers, educators, trainers, vocational counsellors and socio-cultural practitioners. We organised 5-days training in Porto for group of 25 trainers (5 people per country), which was very practical workshop-based event on how to exploit drama to support adult learners. All workshops’ exercises with instructions are described and illustrated with pictures and videos and are available on project e-Learning platform with the form of Session Plans in 5 languages (Polish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian) and toolkit for downloads.