Training For Trainers took place in Porto at SPI premises from 1st to 7th of November 2015. Prior to the meeting the lead trainers from each participating country worked together on definition of the contents of the trainers’ training course.

The project envisaged training activities for trainers that fostered later on the piloting phase in partner countries. 25 trainers from all participating countries met and took part in one-week workshop on drama techniques and were prepared to adapt ACTING UP approach with adult learners requiring support. Thanks to this approach we achieved cascading effect and sustainability of results. Teachers replicated the results to students and learners through many years of their didactic work, and to colleagues at work.

The general topics covered:
• learning through drama – key methods and ways of working
• developing stories; sequencing events; engaging with people, emotions and issues
• confidence-building
• suitable classrooms structures
• building drama into other lessons

Each lead trainer / drama expert from each partner institution prepared 1 day training session equalled to 6 hours divided into separate workshops. Sequence of all session was agreed prior to the training. 1st day was shared by trainers from Scotland, Portugal and Italy, 2nd day trainings were delivered by Scottish trainer and the host, the 3rd was devoted for Polish module, the 4th for French one, while the 5th one to Italian. The course was then sum-up with feedback session so to collect trainers’ impression and evaluate the event.


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